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Horsepower Calculator  Displacement calculator 
MPH Calculator
RPM Calculator  ET Calculator

Engine Size and Compression Calculator

Fill in either SAE or Metric values by double clicking on "number". Then click on when finished.

Cylinder Diameter 
inches ex: 4.25)
Cylinder Diameter (mm)
Stroke Length (inches ex: 4.25) Stroke Length (mm)
Number of cylinders (4, 5, 6, 8) Number of cylinders
Chamber in cc's (ex: 119) Chamber in cc's
Piston dome in cc's 
(Dome = positive #, Flat = 0, dished = negative number)
ex: 22
Piston dome in cc's
Gasket Thickness in inches (add plus or minus amount piston is in the hole) ex: .42 Gasket Thickness in mm (add plus or minus amount piston is in the hole)

The displacement is cubic inches or liters.
You also have a Compression ratio of       :1  


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